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Michael Conner’s New Book Ranked as Top New Releases in Education Administration by Amazon

“Intentional, Bold, and Unapologetic: A Guide to Transforming Schools in the AC-Stage of Education” authored by Michael Conner, Ed.D, was ranked in the top new releases on Amazon.

Middletown, CT (PRUnderground) December 29th, 2022

Michael Conner, Ed.D, author of the book “Intentional, Bold, and Unapologetic: A Guide to Transforming Schools in the AC-Stage of Education,” was ranked in the top releases in education administration on Amazon. The book discusses  and defines an evidence-based and scientific analysis to ensure excellence is metabolized in any learning organization.

“I am humbled to receive such enthusiastic support for the Disruptive Excellence Framework and the benefits it can provide to educational leaders across the board,” says Dr. Conner, CEO and founder of Agile Evolutionary Group (A.E.G). “In the post-pandemic era that we live in, it is critical that we identify the ilearning gaps in education and meet them head-on.”

The Disruptive Excellence Framework, coined by Michael Conner, seeks to determine factors that affect academic performance, readiness and access to education and implement essential elements of the framework in organizational culture and strategy. BOLD and Unapologetic prepares its readers to thrive in a post-pandemic society referred to as the “AC-Stage of Education,” where issues such as socioeconomic disparity are increasingly changing demographics and social injustice.

Agile Evolutionary Group is focused on assisting leaders and organizations in the overall development of education by challenging the current status quo of pedagogical practices to meet the current economic needs and demands. Leaders in the industry and education stakeholders will engage in a cohort-style learning sequence for 8 months focusing on protocols, strategies, and tools for large-scale transformation.

Michael Conner, Ed.D is an educator, entrepreneur, and author. He supports learning to find and implement changes to their systems that create success. Dr. Conner attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received an Advanced Certificate and holds a graduate degree in business analytics from Harvard University.


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