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Dr. Michael Conner Ed.D Announces Launch of New Podcast Series in Celebration of Black History Month

As part of Agile Evolutionary Group’s first inaugural Black History Month celebration, the Voices for Excellence Podcast will include a new series of episodes.

MIDDLETOWN, CT, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michael Conner, Ed.D., CEO, and founder of Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp., and author of Amazon top ranking book ‘Intentional, Bold, and Unapologetic: A Guide to Transforming Schools in the AC-Stage of Education’, is thrilled to announce the “Black Excellence Series,” which will feature new episodes on the Voices for Excellence Podcast. The new series will be added as part of AEG’s first inaugural Black History Month celebration.

Dr. Conner has served in numerous roles in his local school district, including Superintendent of Schools, Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, and Principal. He is committed to forging the education system into a more equitable and successful one for all, and he demonstrates this through his company and podcast.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of our Black Excellence Series and excited for people to tune in to our new podcast episodes,” says Dr. Conner. “As we approach Black History Month, I want to take the time to acknowledge the contributions of some outstanding African American educators and leaders who continue to shape the course of progress towards racial equity.”

The Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp., was established by Dr. Conner to work side-by-side with learning organizations, non-profit organizations, and large private sector industries to create strategic solutions for future-proofing education leaders and organizations. This is accomplished via executive coaching grounded in cognitive theory, data analysis to yield organizational success, and crowdsourcing for creating strategic plans centered around statistical themes.

The Voices for Excellence Podcast is hosted by Dr. Conner and features industry leaders who sit down to discuss pressing topics such as achieving excellence and equity in education for all, manifesting innovation, excellence, equity in teaching and learning, and much more.

Dr. Michael Conner is an author, dedicated education professional, CEO/founder of The Agile Evolutionary Group, Corp., and host of The Voices for Excellence Podcast. He supports learning organizations to find and implement changes to their systems that create success. Dr. Conner attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received an Advanced Certificate and holds a graduate degree in business analytics from Harvard University.


Learn more by visiting https://voicesforexcellence.com and https://agileevolutionarygroup.com .

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